Artificial Intelligence and Your Future by Martin Brossman

Artificial Intelligence and Your Future - Talk by Martin BrossmanArtificial Intelligence and Your Future  by Martin Brossman
Available as a Keynote, or persecutions with discussion and handout resources.

Machine Learning is infusing into all aspects of our lives as it builds toward Artificial Intelligence. A basic understanding of how it is affecting our culture is critical for business, students, sales representatives and professionals.

“There has never been any other time in life when so many aspects of our world are focused on advancing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning as today,” Martin Brossman said, “I believe students and professionals need a basic understanding of how Machine Learning and AI are progressing today because its influence on our life is growing rapidly. As our world gets more automated and AI gains greater dominance in our society, working on enhancing our best human qualities will give us a competitive advantage.”

Martin Brossman speaks on AI at St Andrews University As we advance into this “brave new world”, we will have to educate a society of thinkers, reexamine our purpose and redefine societal conscientiousness.

Martin Brossman is an expert in  digital marketing and technology. He is a member of the National Speakers Association, and teaches at Small Business Centers and Chamber of Commerce venues throughout the state. He also provides customized coaching and training for individuals and groups, integrating digital marketing, social networking and reputation management. Martin Brossman has had a passion for Science and technology since high school when he was awarded three summer NSF scholarships in Acoustics, Integrated Circuits and Holography.

Special thanks to advisor Emery Carr, R&D Software Engineer.

Martin’s deeper view of AI can be found in his article posted on LinkedIn

The presentation is offered in two versions:
1) for students, Universities and Community Colleges
2) for business professionals and association

Video sample of Martin Brossman presenting this talk at St. Andrews University

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