Business Coaching

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Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit. ~Napoleon Hill

Business owners and entrepreneurs frequently find themselves torn between their great ideas and keeping a roof over their heads. As your coach, I can show you how to fulfill your long-term business goals through consistent action and being financially responsible at the same time!

If you’re afraid of failure or getting it wrong, you’ll never truly innovate or disrupt the market. ~Gillian Tans

Finding Your Fire – Igniting Business Passion

You started your business with passion. You eat, sleep, and breathe your business to keep it going. You wear many hats and your down time is limited. Yet, you wouldn’t have it any other way; except on those days when you’re sleep deprived, overwhelmed, and completely out of steam. As your coach, I will open your eyes to see your long term potential, provide you with strategies to get through the discouraging days, and offer techniques to ignite and get your business passion burning. Call me and let’s keep you fired up! 

A passionate belief in your business and personal objectives can make all the difference between success and failure. If you aren’t proud of what you’re doing, why should anybody else be? ~Richard Branson

Fueling Your Fire – Your Business Finances

If you’re too close to the fire you will get burned.  The excitement of a new idea or the fear of missing an opportunity can cause business owners to react before assessing the impact of their actions. And then they needlessly burn up time, energy, and money.  As your coach, I step in before you jump and help you see the threats and opportunities outside your field of view. Together we’ll assess the situation and identify the best way forward to keep you grounded and financially solvent.  I’d rather sound the alarm for you than help you rebuild after the smoke clears. Call me and let’s develop your business firewall.