Client Testimonials

Martin Brossman

Martin Brossman

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“I first met with Martin back in January 2011, but it seems like I have known him for many years. Martin has helped me in career development, networking and developing new selling skills using social media and up-to-date technology. His help has been invaluable and has led to new opportunities and new success.
Martin has incredible insight and has helped me to better understand behaviors exhibited by clients, prospects, and even myself. I highly recommend Martin’s books. He has a wonderful way of making the complex seem simple and doable. If knowledge is power, Martin is a powerhouse.”

David Phillips

“Martin Brossman is a bright, insightful and innovative coach and consultant that has the ability to work across a broad range of business issues with considerable expertise. He is a catalyst for business innovation with a willingess to share what he learns with others. He brings a rare combination of interity, high energy and fun to everything I have seen him pursue. When you are working with Martin you know you have a solid partner in your corner.”

Bill Davis, Team Nimbus of North Carolina

“I had the opportunity to have a meeting with Martin to discuss some strategies for my business. It was an amazing experience. I left the meeting with tangible action plans that I can implement right away. He has a unique ability to break challenges down and recommend solutions. I truly felt he was interested in helping me with my business. Martin is a fantastic resource. I am happy to have met him and establish a relationship.”

Bill Marlow