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Martin Brossman speakingBuilding Your Professional Web Presence and Keeping Your Family and Yourself Safe

Keeping yourself personally safe at home and work on the web is an intelligent concern as you build a professional web presence to market your brand. We will focus on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, the essential platforms to advance your company or career and stay connected to friends. Click here to learn more.

LinkedIn Training for Professionals to Enhance Your Company and Career
developed by Martin Brossman and Greg Hyer

Martin Brossman and Greg Hyer teaching LinkedIn

Martin Brossman and Greg Hyer teaching LinkedIn

This training will teach you how to unlock the power of LinkedIn in ways that will add value to your company, accelerate trust with clients and enhance your career. Linkedin offers a business-focused platform to solve problems and gain content about clients that they welcome you having. Linkedin is a tool that can enhance your own professional credibility as well add value to the company you work with. As a professional, your presence and reputation online is becoming more and more important. The absence of a web presence may be a real detriment to your clients. Click here to learn more.

Your Reputation is On the Line!
Online Reputations: Reputation Enhancement, Monitoring, and Management by Martin Brossman

Reputation TrainingYour Reputation Monitoring, Enhancement, and Management On and Off the Internet

Are you pre-screenable? What will someone find when they Google you? Do you know many will be suspicious if they find nothing? Are you intentionally building your reputation in an authentic and lasting way? How do you pre-screen others on the Web for business use? What are tools to repair problems and misunderstandings on and off the Web?

This presentation covers the essence of reputation building from traditional concepts to using the latest technology. You will leave with real-world tools and actions you can implement for yourself or a client related to monitoring, enhancement and managing a reputation on and off the Web. Click here to learn more.
[ See Martin’s Interview with Reputation Expert Andy Beal on the topic: Enhancing Your Reputation Online for Individuals and Businesses]

Your Reputation is on the Line – for Managers and Executives
Reputation Monitoring, Enhancement and Management On and Off the Web by Martin Brossman

Martin Brossman Professional SpeakerIt’s becoming more and more important that upper management presents a rich, dynamic digital presence. The stockholders and the public want to see the executives present online beyond just highly filtered marketing content. We repeatedly see the absence of their presence slow down the repair of a reputation crisis, as in the cases of BP, Samsung and Toyota.

Martin Brossman’s presentation delivers the essence of reputation building, from traditional concepts to using the latest technology. You will leave with real-world tools and actions you can implement for monitoring, enhancing and managing an authentic and lasting reputation on and off the Web. Learn more here. 

Artificial Intelligence and Your Future

Artificial Intelligence and Your Future - Talk by Martin BrossmanMachine Learning is infusing into all aspects of our lives as it builds toward Artificial Intelligence. A basic understanding of how it is affecting our culture is critical for business, students, sales representatives and professionals.

“There has never been any other time in life when so many aspects of our world are focused on advancing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning as today,” Martin Brossman said, “I believe students and professionals need a basic understanding of how Machine Learning and AI are progressing today because its influence on our life is growing rapidly. As our world gets more automated and AI gains greater dominance in our society, working on enhancing our best human qualities will give us a competitive advantage.”

The presentation is offered in two versions:
1) for students, Universities and Community Colleges
2) for business professionals and association

Learn more here.

Transforming Conflict Into Enhanced Relationships in Business

Conflict TrainingHow to embrace conflict for enhancing relationships and gaining better results.  Learn to be effective in the presence of conflict with clear ways to make fast decisions in difficult situations, using a process that works at all levels in a company and is equally effective with customers.

  • Experience conflict as the doorway to enhanced communication & productivity
  • Implement a practical perspective on handling conflict, resulting in a win-win solution
  • Learn how managing conflict can improve your interpersonal and professional relationships and help you be a better leader, manager, employee, or partner

Martin Brossman provides real world proven techniques that earned him the highest service award in his career at IBM. He was know as the guy that could deal with screaming customers and transform them into loyal fans.
[ See Martin’s Article on the topic: Beyond Conflict Resolution is Embracing Conflict as a Doorway to New Opportunities ]

Alternate titles that can be used: Embracing Conflict; When Pushed Pull and when Pulled Push, a new approach to business conflict. 

Martin Brossman TrainingCreating Raving Fans and Repeat Business

While today’s retail consumer is much more savvy and educated than before, the importance of great customer service hasn’t changed. This course is designed to teach managers and business owners how to stay on top of the game in the fiercely-competitive jungle of modern retail by combining solid, time-tested selling principles with leading-edge internet tools. You will learn how to gain your customer’s trust and create an unbreakable competitive advantage.

Key topics covered include:

  •     How to create rapport and openness with people who walk into your store
  •     How to set up a system using multiple touches to keep your customer coming back
  •     How to handle customer complaints and transform them into loyal customers
  •     Motivating your team to get excited about retail sales goals
  •     Getting your team on the same page about standards for excellence in customer service

If you’re tired of price wars and eroding razor-thin margins, and you’re ready to take your game to the next level, sign up for this course and learn to position yourself at the top of the market.

Martin Brossman TrainingCustomer Service in a Customer Empowered World

An unsatisfied customer used to tell 10 to 11 people: today with a smart-phone that same customer can complain to 100,000 from your location. This course trains you to successfully handle in-person and web-based reputation issues. Designed for managers and business owners, but anyone working in a business can benefit from it. Including online reputation management and handling negative comments online.

Dragonfly Thinking bookDragonfly Thinking Training: How to Integrate Effective Problem-Solving into Your Work to Get Superior Results 

by Bruce Oberhardt with Martin Brossman

A three part on-site training program to enhance your team’s focus in working together to more effectively solve Big, Important Problems (BIPs) for positive impact.

The ability to tackle extremely difficult problems has been the key to the greatest innovations in history. Now, with global competition at everyone’s doorstep, how a company can gain a competitive edge is to make sure their valuable human resources are maximizing their ability to creatively solve problems. This training draws on and is inspired by the brilliant work of Bruce Oberhardt, who, with a lifetime of scientific and entrepreneurial accomplishments, wrote a book on problem-solving called Dragonfly Thinking: Problem Solving for a Successful Future. This 3-part onsite training program was co-developed by Martin Brossman and Bruce Oberhardt. Martin Brossman has over 21 years of business and success coaching and training; his books include Finding Our Fire, which introduces personal development based on the power of Inquiry.
Learn more, click here. 

Being Effective as an Entrepreneur and Business Owner

Being an Entrepreneur and Business Owner demand very different skills than being an Employee. This class teaches you the core skills required to navigate and be successful in your own business, based on more than 15 years of business coaching by Martin Brossman and more than 20 years of entrepreneurship by Dan Scala. Learn the key mistake to make that can lose you time and money. You will understand how to effectively manage: time, money, priorities and customers to maximize results. This is useful for both the person about to start a business and one that has been in business long enough to say “I wish they had told me how…”.

Martin Brossman TrainingOvercoming the Fear of Public Speaking

Almost no one is born with the gift of public speaking. Being effective as a public speaker gives you a competitive advantage over anyone who is not willing to make the effort to build such skills. Enhance your career, business and life with this step-by-step participatory class assisting each student in being effective in public speaking. In the class Martin Brossman shares his own story of moving from terror to anticipation of public speaking and passes on his authentic engagement presentation technique that gets him the highest evaluations in speaking and training.

Martin Brossman TrainingListening That Makes a Difference

A course in communications – enhancing your ability to listen in a way that improves understanding, building trust, and expanding your realms of influence.

  • Why is listening important?
  • How do people typically listen?
  • What stops us from listening?
  • How to listen effectively

Effective Communication that Gets More Results

Martin BrossmanWe are living in a multicultural and multi-generational world that has so much diversity that is is often like we are from different cultures. This class offers ways to appreciate and communicate with anyone without knowing personality types or completed process to remember.  This gives the participant a quick and effective way to communicate with anyone and get more results.  The ability to come from a grounded base, see multiple perspectives and clearly in a way that can be heard is key to effective communication.

Martin Brossman TrainingEnhancing Core Confidence

How to maintain effective Self Confidence in a way that’s genuine and does not involve putting out a false image.

Enhancing Core Confidence presents a real-world tested techniques to strengthen your core self-esteem and confidence. Martin Brossman has developed these methods both tested on himself and used with 100’s of clients over the last 15 years. The results you will see will allow you to be more effective in any situation. 

Martin Brossman Training

Instant Humor, Just add Life!

Enhancing productivity and effectiveness with the appropriate use of humor in your work or group environment

This presentation is designed for you to understand humor, its value and how it can lead to a harmonious, happy and highly productive workplace environment. Participants will leave with tools to use humor to greatly improve their effectiveness and quality of life.

Martin Brossman explains the cost of the absence of humor in effectiveness, morale, and leadership. Learn how humor will improve your mental and physical well-being.

Martin Brossman TrainingThe KI of Coaching

Valuable, life-changing insights can fade away without a structure to keep them alive. Learn how coaching provides the energetic structure for revealing your path, bringing prosperity into focus, and keeping you in action with your passions.  Drawing on principles of his Ki Coaching Certificate Program, Life, and Business Coach Martin Brossman will give you a sense of the wonder and magic of coaching, for effectively applying it in your life, or exploring the possibility of becoming a coach!

Beyond Ordinary Networking

Martin BrossmanLearn the strategies of the most effective networkers—how to build successful relationships on and off the web, how to avoid unproductive relationships, and how to deal with negative situations. Discover how to create an active network that will support the growth of your business far into the future.

You will develop your own unique networking identity, discussing topics such as:
– What type of digital 1st impression am I making and how to enhance it?
– Who am I that others would want to know me? Who do I need to meet?
– Who should I steer clear of? Am I taking care of others in a way that promotes a future with them? Where are my offers low-cost and where my offers high-cost?
– How do I make genuine assessments of my value?
– How to I deal with and address reputation attacks online?

Thinking Creatively to enhance effectiveness & success

Martin BrossmanA course in Thinking Creatively to enhance all areas of your life. Creative thinking is required in dealing with conflict & challenges with people, to generate new ingenuity with business, as well as just keeping life interesting for you! Enhance your ability to think creatively and how to inspire other to do so as well. Gain untapped resources in yourself as well assist other in doing the same. Walk away with ‘real life’ tools to enhance creativity as a free resource in your business and life!

  • How to cultivate creativity?
  • How to keep creativity alive?
  • How to apply it for greater effectiveness?
  • How to inspire other to be creative?
  • Appropriate use of creativity

Find Your Life’s Purpose and Make it Pay

Get clear about your purpose in life and how to express it in the world in a profitable way.  This participatory Martin Brossman Trainingpresentation will show you what stops you from fully expressing your purpose and how to integrate your mission into your already extremely busy life.

Topics covered in this training:

  • Uncovering the myths about finding your purpose and path
  • Generating a meaningful mission or vision
  • Ways of finding your path and overcoming the “drift of life”
  • Different ways of expressing your mission
  • Developing your support structure, allies and network

Martin’s unique style and humor will get you engaged and laughing and seeing new insights that will inspire you into action. He had been living his vision and will share his own journey and path. Martin draws on his decade of experience supporting individuals in living their dreams integrated with viable livelihoods and shares his own design for pursuing and living the life of your dreams.
[ See Martin’s Article on the topic: Life Coaching: How to Find and Live your Mission ]

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