Instant Humor, Just add Life! – How to have more Humor and Productivity in the Workplace

Humor in the Work Place

Instant Humor, Just add Life!

Enhancing productivity and effectiveness with the appropriate use of humor in your work or group environment

This presentation is designed for you to understand humor, its value and how it can lead to a harmonious, happy and highly productive workplace environment. Participants will leave with tools to use humor to greatly improve their effectiveness and quality of life.

Humor in the Workplace by Martin BrossmaWe will:

  • discuss types of humor
  • offer techniques for seeking humor in everyday life
  • discover what makes you laugh
  • provide guidance on the constructive use of humor

Martin Brossman explains the cost of the absence of humor in effectiveness, morale, and leadership. Learn how humor will improve your mental and physical well-being.

What people have said about this class:

“I have had issues with taking myself too seriously and it has been affecting morale and business relationships. This class showed me how to still be professional and not take myself so seriously.
– Participant

“I learned how Humor can evolve – it’s not just instantaneous. You show the real steps to be funnier and appropriate at work.”
– Participant

“I have always used humor to defuse tense situations at work. It was nice to have it validated and get tips for improvement.”

Video of select moments from, Instant Humor, Just Add Life:

Also, see Martin’s article on Humor in the Workplace 

Humor in the Workplace – Lessons learned from taking humor to cancer patients

About the presenter and course developer:

Carolina Health and Humor Laugh-mobile

Carolina Health and Humor Laugh-mobile – 2001

Martin Brossman has integrated humor into his coaching and training since the start, and become much more effective at it from taking Stand Up comedy training at Goodnight’s Comedy Club with Rog Bates, and taking humor to cancer patients at Duke Hospital for 3 years with the Carolina Health and Humor Laugh Mobile. Martin is part of the Carolina Health and Humor speakers bureau and was named volunteer of the year for his work with with the Laugh Mobile at Duke Hospital. His breadth of knowledge extends from personal development training skills to web marketing for professionals. Martin is also part of world-leading Social Selling Sales Podcast show, Linking Into Sales, that has been going for over 5 years.  Learn more about Martin Brossman on the web at:

About Rog Bates, Martin Brossman’s humor mentor, instructor, and friend:
Rog is the owner of Corporate Comedy, Music; & Keynotes By Rog Bates, offering stress relieving presentations for banquets, meetings, and conferences, featuring customized humor and surprise songs to boost employee morale, improve communication and manage stress. He also writes songs on demand for any occasion, group or event: conferences and conventions, awards banquets, company jingles, birthday or anniversary surprises. Rog can create comedy routines and perform live for clubs, conferences, business, and private events.

Volunteer of the Year Award to Martin Brossman

Volunteer of the Year Award to Martin Brossman

Also special thanks to Ruth Hamilton, the founder of Carolina Health and Humor. She submitted the recommendation that I be selected as Volunteer of the Year. 

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