Your Reputation is on the Line – for Managers and Executives

Reputation Monitoring, Enhancement and Management On and Off the Web
By Martin Brossman – Available as a Keynote or Training

Martin Brossman speaks to the NC Executive Roundtable

Martin Brossman speaks to the NC Executive Roundtable

It’s becoming more and more important that upper management presents a rich, dynamic digital presence.  The stockholders and the public want to see the executives present online beyond just highly filtered marketing content. We repeatedly see the absence of their presence slow down the repair of a reputation crisis, as in the cases of BP, Samsung and Toyota.

We have also seen unprepared executives having a similar effect, for example, handling recent troubles on United Airlines. For C-suite managers as well as upper level managers, building and maintaining reputation online is uniquely complicated because of the profound lasting ripple effect of all their actions.  But over-controlled and highly measured interactions, with a slow response time, can leave a void in content that may also create a problem.

This applies to everyone in business.  It’s valuable for all of us to think from this perspective, engage online, build a reputation, and be aware of long term ramifications.

Martin Brossman SpeakingMartin Brossman’s presentation delivers the essence of reputation building, from traditional concepts to using the latest technology. You will leave with real-world tools and actions you can implement for monitoring, enhancing and managing an authentic and lasting reputation on and off the Web.

What people have said about this presenation:
“Your presentation was exceptional. As a member of the North Carolina Executive Roundtable I had the opportunity to hear Martin Brossman presentation on ‘Reputation, Monitoring, Enhancement and Management on and Off the Web.’ The first thing I did when I returned to my office was to review my LinkedIn website to see how I presented myself. I needed some work; Thanks to Martin for getting me headed on the right track.”
Johnny Bass
Bass Business Solutions

Martin Brossman  Professional Speaker “Very much enjoyed this presentation! Thank you for an engaging program with some valuable takeaways.”
– Carolyn Naseer
Director, Springboard Commons

“Thank you for the Great Presentation to the sellout crowd at Prestonwood Country Club for the North Carolina Executive Roundtable”
– James Chambers
Interim C-Suite Services

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