Your Reputation is on the Line!

Reputation TrainingYour Reputation is on the Line!
Reputation Monitoring, Enhancement, and Management On and Off the Internet
by Martin Brossman

Training on understanding, enhancing and managing your reputation online as a professional.

Are you pre-screenable? What will someone find when they Google you? Do you know many will be suspicious if they find nothing? Are you intentionally building your reputation in an authentic and lasting way? How do you pre-screen others on the Web for business use? What are tools to repair problems and misunderstandings on and off the Web? Is your reputation integrated on and off the web?  This presentation covers the essence of reputation building from traditional concepts to using the latest technology. You will leave with real-world tools and actions you can implement for yourself or a client related to monitoring, enhancement and managing a reputation on and off the Web.

This class will include:

  • The value of building a constructive online professional reputation to enhance your in-person professional reputation
  • Steps in building, enhancing and deepening your professional reputation online
  • How to monitor your online professional reputation, your company’s reputations, and your competition’s reputation
  • How to be prepared and deal with reputation crisis

Special thanks to Andy Beal, author of the book: Repped: 30 Days to a Better Online Reputation, a member and friend.