“Should My Business Be on Google Plus?”

There are no black-and-white answers to questions like this, so I’ll answer this question with a few other questions. What benefit(s) do you see in being there? If you develop a presence on Google+, will you have time to meaningfully contribute on a regular basis? Are your customers or potential customers on Google+? If so, what are they doing there?

My honest take: wait. At this point, the future of Google+ is uncertain. They are competing directly with Facebook. Most people on Google+ are also on Facebook, so your time is probably better spent there. I might make an exception if you work for a social media or PR firm, if you’re a Virtual Assistant, or if you’re in any situation where your clients specifically expect you to stay up to date with Google+.

As with any social media network, I would strongly suggest that you formulate specific goals before signing up for another social network. Also, don’t buy another horse unless you have time to feed it.

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